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IRID 2018

Innovation Research & Industrial Dialogue 2018

  1. Hierarchical Voltage Sensing to Perform Solar – Wind Renewable Energy Sources Complementary
  2. Effect of Acetone Vapor on Tensile Strength of Fused Deposition Modeling Printed Part
  3. Road power generation by applying conversion system
  4. A review on system integration of industrial 4.0
  5. Optimization of PID Controller’s parameters for Gantry Crane Application using Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm
  6. Study on Workstation of Composite Mold using RULA Analysis
  7. Mathematical Modeling of Quarter Car Suspension Systems on Square road profile
  8. Application Of Fuzzy Logic Modelling In Fluid Friction Of Bore Pipe
  9. Effect of Driving Signal Waveform to the Motion Characteristics of a Rotary Switched Reluctance Actuator
  10. Evaluation Of Decentralized Fans Effectiveness In Office Building Ventilation System
  11. Thermoplastic Mixture with Oil Palm Fiber Flow Properties in Rheological Behaviour
  12. The effect of surface roughness on ultrasonic assisted milling of Inconel 718
  13. Step Counter for Ankle Rehabilitation
  14. Simulation Study of DTTO Modular Robots with 2 DOF to Propagate Multiple Configurations
  15. Preliminary Investigation on Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot Architecture
  16. Kinetic and Stability Cu-SBA-15 catalysts in Reduction of N2O with CH4
  17. Brief Review on Corrosion of Palladium Coated Copper Wire Bonds under High Temperature Storage Stress Test
  18. Tracking Control Performance of a 2-DOF Robotic Finger using PID and LQR Controller
  19. Wireless Cloud Storage using IoT device
  20. An investigation of the lateral velocity behaviour and its effect on the trajectory generation of the autonomous non-holonomic vehicle
  21. Vehicle Tracking System by Using Cell Tower Localization
  22. Perception of Rehabilitation Patients in Malaysia towards Animal Robot PARO
  23. Trajectory and Current Analysis of Planar End-Effector Upper Limb Rehabilitation Device
  24. Learning smiling expression for Human-robot Interaction: A Malaysia Case Study
  25. Link Quality Indicator for Performance Evaluation in 6LoWPAN Routing Protocol
  26. Supplier Development Practices: From Manufacturers’ Perspectives
  27. Classification of Unequal Clustering Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
  28. Investigation of dimensional accuracy on simultaneous five-axis tool paths strategies for biomedical product utilizing CATIA V5
  29. Predictive functional control with reduced-order observer based PSO for pneumatic positioning control
  30. Development and Fabrication of Automatic Pump-down System for Split Unit Air Conditioning System
  31. High strain rates effect on the dynamic properties of E-glass/jute using SHPB
  32. An Automated Irrigation System Using Arduino Microcontroller
  33. A study on the effect of vehicle vibration on human brain by using human biodynamic and vehicle model
  34. A conceptual framework of non-circular segmentation using modified greedy algorithm for iris recognition
  35. Application of Material Cataloguing System in Small and Midsize Manufacturing Firms
  36. Analysis of Two In-Wheeled DC Motor for Autonomous Electric Vehicle: Simulation and Experiment
  37. Analytical Study in Rotational Motion on Different Blade-shape Design of HAWT for Wasted Kinetic Energy Recovery System (WKERS)
  38. Design and development of ergonomics labeling machine for cashiers
  39. Android Malware Traceability Matrix For Digital Forensic Investigation
  40. Development of a Data Acquistion System for Blood Bank
  41. Analysis and Development of a Self-Dimming Module for Road Traffic Signal
  42. Beacon technology implementation for Human Tracking system in Oil and Gas Environment
  43. Wheatstone Bridge Configuration Of Strain Gauge As A Soil Movement Sensor For IoT-Based Landslide Detection
  44. High throughput implementation of RIPEMD-160 using unfolding transformation
  45. Automatic tool selection module for an adaptive CNC controller
  46. Interaction between Work System Performances with Process of Greening the Supplier
  47. LPG gas sensor detection using IoT
  48. Modelling and implementation of IoT based Flood Observatory System (FOS)
  49. Swaying Phenomenon of Express Railway Train in Malaysia
  50. Possible Attacks by Manipulating IPv6 Tunneling Traffic on 6to4 Network
  51. IoT Bus Tracking System
  52. Modelling of exoskeleton robot for walking rehabilitation
  53. Simulation of Ant Colony Optimization on Hole Making Performance
  54. The Evaluation of Machinability and Surface Roughness of AISI 1060 Carbon Steel in Conventional Lathe Machine
  55. Study on temperature profile of internal combustion engine exhaust gas for implementing waste heat recovery
  56. FMEA and Reliability Analysis of Critical Equipment Machinery in the Malaysian Palm Oil Mill
  57. Effect of citric acid composition on the citrate-nitrate auto-combustion synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles
  58. Visual Perception Diagnostic Tools For Autistic Learners
  59. The Acceptance of Customers Towards Online Booking Hotel In Southern Region, Malaysia
  60. The Control Approach of Vehicle Steer by Wire System by Implementing Single Input Fuzzy Logic Controller
  61. The awareness level of manufacturing complexity management: An initial study on Malaysians industrialist perspective
  62. Density and Spalling behavior of Reactive Powder Concrete after Exposure to Fire Flame
  63. Work Study in Assembly Process Based on MOST Integrating With Lean Ergonomics
  64. Estimation and identification of corrugated cardboard strength using tensile test
  65. Structural Framework Design Analysis for Development of a Tidal Testing Rig
  66. An evaluation of step-up DC-DC power condition ICs for energy harvesting applications
  67. Revisit hot plate poling method of P(VDF-TrFE) thick film in sensing applications
  68. The Current Understanding on Leadership Styles Demanded by Organisations for Engineering Managers: A Review
  69. Effect of PEG addition on the microstructure of TiO2 coating on unglazed ceramic tile
  70. Experimental Inverstigation of Hybrid Rotary Ultrasonic Assisted Micro Drilling on Chemically Strengthened Glass
  71. Investigation on the Method of Ag Addition into TiO2 coating Deposited on Unglazed Ceramic Tile
  72. Application of design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) method to passenger car door design
  73. The Significance Effect of Peltier Liquid-Cooled Panel System for Air Conditioners Application
  74. Empowering Higher Education Data Openness with Selected Methodologies
  75. A Prototype of Wireless Indoor Surveillance Using Raspberry Pi Robot Car
  76. MyDentist – A Proposed Interactive Patient Dental Clinical Information System with RFID based Patient Registration
  77. Augmented Reality with responsive web for body organ flash
  78. Effect of welding parameters and cleaning with acetone on weldment quality cold rolled mild steel thin plate
  79. Development of Interactive Hologram (i-HO) System
  80. Heart Rate Trend of Composite Manufacturing Workers in Hand Layup Process
  81. Hybrid Wireless Range Extender : LTE (3G/4G) Over Wi-Fi
  82. Modeling of Spray Angle and Nozzle Size to Gas Release in Processing Urea Fertilizers by Using Fluidized Bed Granulator
  83. Yaw Tracking Performance for a Person-Following Robot
  84. Development Biosignal Monitoring For Insomnia Using ECG Prediction
  85. Development of User Interface for Cyber Physical System (CPS) Integrated With Material Handling System
  86. Enhancing the Vehicle Reservation for Decision Making
  87. Facile preparation of cellulose nanocrystals of banana trunk fiber via acid hydrolysis method
  88. Land Cover Change Detection Using Multispectral and Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data
  89. Cutting Capabilities for Macro-Micro Cylindrical Shapes Component by Wire Electrical Discharge Turning (WEDT)
  90. A New Residence Determination Method for User Authorization in Geosocial Network Neighborhood
  91. The effect of voltage on weldment size cold rolled steel sheet joint using low arc joining technology
  92. An Analysis of Radio Frequency Connector Insertion Loss Measured by Network Analyzer From 300 kHz Until 8.5 GHz
  93. GLIDer: Fleet Management Solutions using Location Intelligence
  94. Integration of Hash Function and Salted Algorithms in enhancing Security of QR Code Gate System
  95. Surface roughness comparison between printed parts manufactured via open source and commercial 3D printing machine
  96. Study on Optimization for Software-Defined Networks Controller
  97. STEM Engagement of 5-axis Industrial Pick-and-Place Pneumatic Robotic Arm Remote-Manipulation
  98. Effects of eco-innovation and market demand on sustainability performance
  99. Hybrid cellular layout for jobshop manufacturing: A case study
  100. A Technology Foresight Study on HR Apps: Identifying the Drivers
  101. Effect of Various Coating Materials on Wear Properties of Electrodeposited Composite Coating
  102. Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevalence: A Comparative Study among Manufacturing Industries
  103. A framework of project-based learning for enhancing student competencies through digital video production
  104. Anthropometric parameter consideration in designing lumbar support device for manufacturing industrial workers
  105. The Influence of Difference Quenching Technique on Bobbin Tool
  106. The Effect of Physical Environment Comfort towards Employee’s Well-Being: A Case Study at Malaysia Technical University
  107. High performance of superhydrophobic durian shell-magnetite electromagnetic wave absorber for UHF RFID application
  108. Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Manet
  109. Formulating ensemble mobile malware detection through n-gram system call sequence features
  110. Development of Integrated Vaccine System (IVS) for Vaccination Database
  111. Estimation of Aboveground Biomass at Species Level in Tropical Rain Forest Using High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Data
  112. Development of Brady-Tachy Heart Automotive (B-T Heartomotive) Device for Monitoring Heart Rate during Driving
  113. Preliminary Study: FSI Modeling of Blood Flow Simulation on Different Cerebral Aneurysms Geometries
  114. Development of Exoskeleton Robotic Leg (ExRoLEG) for Kids with Cerebral Palsy
  115. Improvement of a Visual-based Anthropometry Measurement System using Microsoft Kinect and a Rotating Platform
  116. Comparison of Tracking Performance between Nonlinear ProportionalIntegral-Derivative (NPID) Double Hyperbolic Controller and NPID Controller
  117. Development of Energy Regenerative System from Air Conditioner Waste
  118. The Effect of Heat Treatment to Tensile Properties of Intermetallic Nickel Aluminide
  119. Wettability of Aluminum-alloys Surface with Various Surface Roughness and Thickness Coating
  120. Haptic Robot Assist for Path Manipulation in V-REP Simulation
  121. Effect of temperature to fracture toughness of coir fiber composite
  122. Plant Species Identification Based on Otsu’s and Edge Detection Techniques
  123. Tensile properties of degraded NR/EPDM nanocomposites in different automotive oils
  124. Towards a Persuasive Computing Approach for Cyberbullying Awareness in Social Media
  125. Optimization of Compression Molding Process for NR/EPDM Elastomeric Material
  126. Effect of Functionalized Hex-Boron Nitride Particle Washing on Electrophoretic Deposition Coating Yield and Uniformity
  127. Effect of repair welding on microhardness of dissimilar materials pipes by using GMAW
  128. Proses Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Process for AA5092 Alloy using Taguchi Method.
  129. Chemical and Mechanical Treatments of Recycled Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  130. Effects of Immersion Time on the Indium Zinc Oxide Coated on Nonwoven Kenaf