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IRID 2016

Innovation Research & Industrial Dialogue 2016


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Optimization of multiple robot configuration pattern using shape variant approach
Development of an under-actuated robotic hand for industrial work
Effect of ultrasonic and vacuum system assisted mid-end fused deposition modeling to improve printed parts surface finish
Investigation of heat transfer for vacuum system assisted fused deposition modeling: A finite element analysis
Designing and implementation of automated room temperature control system to optimize energy consumption in a building
Static Torque Profile of Switched Reluctance Actuator
Design and control leg-exo robot for rehabilitation purpose
Proposed framework of biomimetic features database system to aid product conceptual design
Experimental investigation of the motion characteristics for a passive quarter car suspension system
Point-to-point positioning and tracking performances of an underactuated robotic hand system
Lightweight and green tiles from recycled polypropylene reinforced with cockle-shells powder
Gauging user’s acceptance of AR mobile application with AR postcards for heritage education in the UNESCO world heritage city of Melaka: Adapting the UTAUT model
Development of an optimized thermoelectric cooler for active processor cooling
Reduction of Water Hammer Effect for Domestic Water System
Design of PID and nonlinear PID controller for tracking performance of XY table ball screw drive system
Water absorption study on woven jute reinforced unsaturated polyester composite using warm compression moulding with and without lay-up process
Identification and control of hand grasping force for upper limb prosthetics system using noninvasive electromyography technique
Surface roughness monitoring during machining HTCS 150 hardened steel under various cutting parameters
Application of RFID in inspection system in assembly process
Optimization of process parameters on warpage of plastic part fabricated using injection moulding via Taguchi method
Design and implementation of smart observable system of indoor hydroponic
Development of mould for self fabricated ceramic cutting tools
Investigation on the effect of machining strategies on the dimensional accuracy of five-axis flank machining of curvy angled shapes (convex)
Analysis of KNN films deposited with different annealing temperature
Study of cassava based adhesive to reduce warping deformation in 3D printer machine
Development of RFID tracking system for wheeled trolleys within an automotive industry
Robust super twisting sliding mode control for machine tools
Effects of nanographene addition on tensile and electrical properties of Nylon 6,6 nanocomposites
Mechanical properties of kenaf reinforced polypropylene composites added with oil palm shell powder and its activated carbon
Finite element modelling for composites single lap join plate using four elements
Force characterization of a rotary motion bottom drive type: linear type versus skewed type
Study on comparison of surface roughness when machining AISI 1045 under dry and wet conditions
Effect of cutting parameter on diameter accuracy in dry drilling of AISI D2 steel by using Taguchi Method
Characterization of TiO2 coating deposited on ceramic substrates
Analysis of an instrument to test reading and interpreting engineering drawing skills
Cutting forces data analysis of its spectrum for XY table ballscrew drive system
Analysis of simulated tracking performance of X-axis for ball screw drive system
Selection of controller for machine tool application by using analytical hierarchy process
Design and analysis on sitting posture in quality checking workstation of a manufacturing company
DFMA application on the development of products: a case study of consumer products
Improvement of workstation in manufacturing industry for manual handling worker
Application of right leg drive topology in an EMG acquisition circuit
Nanostructured iron oxide by thermal oxidation
Development of steward platform-based for ankle muscle rehabilitation
Design and development of roof for covering car
Tracking performance of nonlinear proportional-integral-derivative for XY table ballscrew drive system
MWCNTs functionalization and their effects on the mechanical properties of epoxy/MWCNTs nanocomposites
Study on failure index variation of hybrid composite using finite element modelling method
Energy absorption analysis of different cross section bumper beam using finite element analysis
Structural and optical properties of nickel sulphoselenide (NiSSe) thin film for photoelectrochemical applications
Effect of laser post-processing on surface roughness of fused deposition modeling (FDM) part
Tracking error compensation of XY table ball screw driven system using Cascade Fuzzy P+PI
Effects of citrate to nitrate ratio on superconducting properties of YBa2Cu3O7-δ prepared via auto-combustion reaction
A conceptual design of an interpreter for an open architecture control system
Photocatalytic activity of titania modified kenaf fiber as methylene blue purification process
Synthesis of graphene powders from hydrothermally produced nickel catalyst by using alcohol catalytic chemical vapor deposition
A concept of reconfigurable conveyor system in manufacturing system: logical reconfiguration
Design and analysis of cascade P/PI controller for XY milling table ballscrew driven system
Animal robot therapy for rehabilitation patients with major depressive disorder
Implementation of RFID on Reconfigurable Conveyor System
Design and fabrication of antilock braking system test rig
Multi-order PID control for a simple suspension system
Effect of carbon nanofiber nanofluids as coolant on surface roughness and tool wear in turning of D2 steel
Industrial robotics in the lean enterprise: A case study in semiconductor industry
Development of cyber-physical system for the reconfigurable conveyor system
Preliminary survey of redesigning an economical lumbar support device using Malaysian anthropometric data
Preliminary study on plantar pressure distribution associated with prolonged standing among workers in aerospace industry
Virtual reality immersive system in aerospace manufacturing: A case study
Development of cutting technology and assisted jig for polymer foam cutting
A review of BNT-BT ceramics for piezoelectric applications
Thermal variation at different penetration angle for orthopaedic surgical bone drilling
Development of an integrated ANP and TRIZ for new framework of design selection for automotive at the conceptual design stage
The evaluation of Mandarin MOOC: A case study of effectiveness
Interpretation of ISO 6983 and ISO 14649 for CNC adaptive controller: plug-and-play interpreter
Parameter-magnitude based information criterion for identification of linear discrete-time model
Tool entry impact on bobbin friction stir welding quality
Effect of reflow cycle on the shear strength of Sn-3.5Ag/Ni-P/EFTECH 64-Ni, EFTECH 64-Cu and C194-Ni bump
The dynamic verification of vehicle roll dynamic models using different software’s
The effect of rotary ultrasonic assisted machining on the thrust force generation of cutting D2 tool steel materials
Effect of repetitive rework on microhardness of dissimilar austenitic Stainless Steel pipes using GMAW orbital welding
Analysis of commercial vehicle ride dynamics
Effect of nitriding temperature and time on the surface hardness and grain size of MgAZ91D alloy
Verification of commercial vehicle ride dynamics
Reveal hidden wastes in overall equipment effectiveness by using maynard operation sequence technique
Influence of hot compression moulding processing method on the mechanical strength of recycled polypropylene/polyethylene blends
Development of a new closed-loop recyclability framework based on extended producer responsibility in mnimizing electronic waste
Effect of surfactant on the surface integrity of stainless steel using EDM
Effect of current density on the properties of nickel-fly ash composite coating deposited on aluminium alloy 7075 substrate
Swell properties and dynamic mechanical behavior of natural rubber vulcanizates modified by tapioca starch
Water resistant composite sheet from durian shell waste using polyethylene as hydrophobic agent through disintegration method
Parameters and properties relationship of thin steel plate joint using low energy arc welding
Morphological studies of porous beta-tricalcium phosphate scaffold using sacrificial template method
A case study: workplace environment and activity potential towards slips and falls
Hidden wastes of transportation between processes with respect to overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
Chassis design and analysis of narrow track vehicle
Design selection and analysis of human-powered vehicle