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About Us

“Intelligent and Precision Manufacturing”


Who we are?

Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) is established to support and provides the technology enablers to Malaysia Manufacturing Industries. We have provides very strong industry network and collaborative research that are critically needed during their product and technology development stage. As we are gearing up to become high CoE.

A state of the art manufacturing facilities with well equipped research infrastructure and industry experienced based staff have bulit our research centre to be well recognized among manufacturing industries player.

Niche Area

“Intelligent and Precision Manufacturing”

Our Activities

1. AMC is an industry-based centre with strong industry network and collaboration

2. AMC now responsible to develop the premise for industrial activities.

3. Majority AMC staff are associated with industry.

4. The present facilities are suitable for industry usage.

5. AMC is planning all the training relate Advanced Manufacturing to develop industry ready manpower.

6. AMC is planning to develop incubator centres.